Current Members
Non-profit Members
Institution of Higher Education
CompanyBusiness Class
Regis Technologies, Inc.Small
Ocyon Bio PR, Inc.Small
Varda Space Industries, Inc.Small
OCUGEN, Inc.Large
Northeastern UniversityInstitute of Higher Education
Resilience Government ServicesLarge
PSC Biotech Corp.Small
Slingshot Biosciences, Inc.Small
ApiJect Systems America, Inc.Large
Applied Materials, Inc.Large
Civica, Inc.Non-Profit
The Conafay GroupSmall
CAMRIS International LLCLarge
USAntibiotics LLCLarge
Mission Pharmacal CompanyLarge
Advanced BioSciences Laboratory, Inc.Small
NextBeam LLCSmall
Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing, Inc.Large
Joint Research and Development (JRAD) LLCLarge
Smart World LLC dba Steri-TekSmall
Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.Large
Clarivate Analytics (US) LLCLarge
Antheia, Inc.Small
ImmunityBio, Inc.Large
TR Processing LLCSmall
Riya Interactive, Inc.Small
Maravai LifeSciencesSmall
Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc.Large
American Medicines Company, PBCSmall
Phlow Corp.Small
NewAge Industries, Inc.Small
Attogene Corp.Small
Tenagrity Solutions LLCSmall
CMC Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Small
Corning, Inc.Large
TFF Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Small
Benuvia Operations LLCSmall
A-line, Inc.Small
Dyadic International, Inc.Small
Bracane Company, Inc.Small
Mallinckrodt Specialty Generics dba SpecGx LLCLarge
Vaxess Technologies, Inc.Small
Proteios Technology, Inc.Small
Biosortia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Small
Scorpius Biomanufacturing, Inc.Large
Nipro PharmaPackaging Americas Corp.Large
Kemp ProteinsSmall
ProQuality Network LLCSmall
AntoXa Corp.Small
Southwest Research InstituteNon-profit
MalarVx, Inc.Small
American Type Culture CollectionNon-profit
FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies USA, Inc.Large
LaCire LLCSmall
Capra Biosciences, Inc.Small
Prestige Ameritech, Ltd.Small
Concept to Market LLCSmall
On Demand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Small
Nature's Toolbox, Inc.Small
Shabas Solutions LLCSmall
HDT Bio Corp.Small
US Specialty FormulationsSmall
Zalgen Labs LLCSmall
Manus Bio, Inc.Small
STERIS Corp.Large
Sentio BioSciences LLCSmall
Health Blockchain Convergence, Inc.Small
Societal CDMO Inc.Small
EverGlade Consulting LLCSmall
DEKA Research & Development Corp.Small
Batavia Biosciences, Inc.Small
Amyris, Inc.Small
API Innovation CenterNon-profit
SK PharmtecoLarge
Cornerstone Chemical CompanySmall
Afton ScientificSmall
Quantum Four Labs LLCSmall
TEGA Therapeutics, Inc.Small
Texas A&M Engineering Experiment StationInstitute of Higher Education
Advanced Concept InnovationsSmall
Blu Zone Bioscience & Supply Chain Solutions, LLCSmall
Thaddeus Medical Systems, Inc.Small
Black Mesa Technology, Inc.Small
Bionova Scientific LLCSmall
Strategic Marketing InnovationsSmall
Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.Small
Latham BioPharm GroupLarge
Foamtec International LLCLarge
SANARIA, Inc.Small
Texas Biomedical Research InstituteNon-profit
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.Small
Michael Best StrategiesLarge
PPD Development, L.P.Large
ChromaTan, Inc.Small
Medical Countermeasures CoalitionNon-profit
Endo USA, Inc.Large
Fraunhofer USANon-profit
Interbiome Partners LLCSmall
Third Pole, Inc.Small
AVS BioLarge
Sepragen Corp.Small
University of DelawareInstitute of Higher Education
SCHOTT Pharma USA, Inc.Large
Wheeler Bio, Inc.Small
EriVan BioSmall
InflaRx GmbHSmall
Asha Therapeutics LLCSmall
Fisher BioServices, Inc.Large
AmerStem, Inc.Small
Argonaut Manufacturing Services, Inc.Small
BDO Public Sector LLCLarge
DMC Biotechnologies, Inc.Large
Alchem Laboratories Corp.Small
BASF Corp.Large
TriLink BioTechnologies LLCLarge
New Horizon Biotech, Inc.Small
Apertus Pharmaceuticals LLCSmall
CuriRx, Inc.Small
Sotera Health CompanyLarge
The United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc.Non-profit
Jubilant HollisterStier CMOLarge
BCG Federal Corp.Large
VJ Technologies, Inc.Small
RexSter Technologies, Inc.Small
Arena BioPharma Consulting LLSSmall
ReechPharma LLCSmall
Repligen Corp.Large
Altor Safety LLCSmall
Anverra Pharma LLCSmall
Arranat Bio MA LLCLarge
BioTechnique LLCSmall
CHO Plus, Inc.Small
Cocoon Bioscience S.L.Small
CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Small
DNA ScriptSmall
Evonik Corp.Large
Gerresheimer Glass, Inc.Large
Innoviva Specialty TherapeuticsSmall
KBI BiopharmaLarge
Orexo ABSmall
Persist AI Formulations Corp.Small
Phenom Pharmaceuticals LLCSmall
Shionogi, Inc.Large
Solaris Vaccines, Inc.Small
Spring Discovery, Inc.Small
Sublime LLCSmall
Watson-Marlow, Inc.Large
Apotex Corp.Large
Virica BiotechSmall
Integrated Pharma ServicesSmall
Replicate BioscienceLarge
Burrell International Group LLCSmall
Gusmer Enterprises, Inc.Large
Dark Wolf Solutions LLCLarge
Sterigenics Radiation Technologies, LLC
Seqirus Inc.Large
Avid Bioservices, Inc.Large
Signet Healthcare Management LLCLarge
The Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute, Inc.Non-profit
Curia Global, Inc.Large
Stoic Bio, Inc.Small
Novavax, Inc.Large
Cytophage Technologies, Inc.Small
Cornerstone Government Affairs, Inc.Small
Photosyntheic B.V.Small
Quantiscope PBCSmall
Humanetics Corp.Small
BioAnalysis LLCSmall
Sunflower Therapeutics PBCSmall
Agno Pharmaceuticals LLCSmall
GCM PharmaSmall
Revagenix, Inc.Small
Donaldson Company, Inc.Large
Medbio LLCLarge
Just-Evotec BiologicsLarge
Novas Bio, Inc.Small
Enzene, Inc.Large
Asimov, Inc.Small
Molding Services of Illinois, Inc.Small
Emergent Product Development Gaithersburg, Inc.Large
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies, Inc. d.b.a. GE HealthCare Technology & Innovation CenterLarge
SaniSure, Inc.Small
SPOC Proteomics, Inc.Small
Qoolabs, Inc.Small
Carnegie Mellon UniversityInstitute of Higher Education
CHIMunomics, Ltd.Small