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Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Preparedness Consortium (BioMaP-Consortium)
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Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Preparedness Consortium (BioMaP-Consortium)
Strengthening and enhancing domestic
biopharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities
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Expanded Industrial and Manufacturing Base
Along the drug and vaccine manufacturing supply chain
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Seeking partnerships to rapidly respond to future Public Health Emergencies (PHE)

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Networking & Engagement with Industry

Image of a warehouse with an overlay of Digitalization and Visualization of Industry 4.0 Process that Analyzes Goods, Cardboard Boxes, Products Delivery Infographics

Industrial Base Expansion of Supply Chain

Engage with the network of organizations and personnel that provide all goods and services in support of the entire biomanufacturing process, to include, but not limited to, raw materials, consumables, and fill-finish services.

Conveyor belt of vials going into a sterilization machine.

Biomanufacturing Capacity Expansion and Reservation

Prepare and provide timely, integrated, and sufficient medical countermeasures in response to emerging pathogens with pandemic potential through establishing, expanding and/or reserving drug substance and/or drug product manufacturing capacities.

Cell culture laboratory of a biotechnology facility

Advanced Biomanufacturing Technologies

Address new and emerging technologies, that enhance existing capabilities that increase the speed, quality, safety, yield, efficiency of the biomanufacturing process or the safety, quality, effectiveness, or availability of the resulting biopharmaceutical drug product.